How It Works.

You want to begin a project with Bob, but how does it work? Well, it's a four step process.


During this stage, we discuss your needs. Together, we'll figure out what level of involvement makes sense. From station voicing, to all inclusive turnkey imaging packages, Bob can tailor solutions to your specific needs and budget.


This is when prepare for the fun. We'll set up shared cloud-based storage for file delivery. Bob will prepare copy independently or collaboratively, and go over every detail regarding timeline, and deliverables.


This is where your sound is re-invented. Whether it's Bob's debut as your brand voice, or editing of a fully produced solution, this is where the the hard work happens. Bob will put his head down and get to work until your launch day.


After launch, the work doesn't stop. Of course as the voice of your brand, Bob is always available for any needs that arise, but for those who utilize more inclusive production solutions, Bob will provide year-round promos and elements to keep you sounding current and vibrant.

From Their Mouths

Praise for Bob's work, as heard on air, from notable sports personalities.

"Bob Schmidt, our production guy out in LA, that guy is a legend. Everytime I come, the stuff he puts together is even better. I know the people listening don't always understand how much time it takes to put that stuff together. That stuff doesn't just happen. That is extremely impressive." - Ross Tucker, Westwood One Football Analyst

"Our guy Bob Schmidt who does our opens.... Wow (laugh). He just picks off old clips and inserts them and makes it work there. " - Dan Patrick, Host of the Dan Patrick Show

"By the way, you guys have the best promo guy in radio. That guys is phenomenal." - Michael Eaves, ESPN Anchor

"He just has a rolodex of stuff. He can recall any idiotic comment I may have made with the click of a mouse." - Chris Mannix, Sports Illustrated Senior NBA Writer

"Bob Schmidt, very talented...this I believe is the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. This is a masterpiece." - Petros Papadakis and Matt "Money" Smith, Hosts of the Petros and Money Show