Welcome To Schmidt Bits

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Welcome to the site!  It is I, Bob Schmidt, creator of Schmidt Bits.

For a long time now, people have known me as a voice over guy primarily.  Certainly that’s how I spend the majority of my day.  It’s allowed me to voice huge brands like Fox Sports, and the LA Dodgers, and Dan Patrick.

But, my professional background actually began in editing.  I still love production, copy writing, music and sound design, and I love computers.  I even dabble in web design, and that’s how this site was built.

To the point of Schmidt Bits….  yes, it’s an online portfolio.  Yes, it’s a marketing tool.  But, the purpose (as least of this section of this website) is simply to let people behind the curtain, and hold myself accountable to get better with every project.

So check out the website.  Listen to the samples.  Reach out if you’re interested.